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The World Trade Organization (WTO), located in Geneva is the principle forum for setting rules of international trade. Over the last few years, the institution has come under considerable pressure. TULIP works to support the continuing relevance and functioning of the WTO, focusing on the following areas:

WTO Accession

WTO reform

Joint Statement Initiatives



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Africa Climate Foundation/London School of Economics 

The implications of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms on Africa, including a legal analysis of CBAM's WTO consistency. 

Report available here

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Europe Jacques Delors 

Writing various policy papers analyzing how to make the WTO work for sustainable agriculture and for an inclusive green transition. 


EU Trade and Environment: Development as the Missing Piece of the Triangle

Exploring the interface between bilateral and unilateral approaches to greening EU trade

Make-or-break: Including MEAs as essential elements in EU FTAs

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GIZ/German government 

Making trade work for an inclusive circular transition

Developing a research paper with concrete options on how the World Trade Organization and Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) can work for an inclusive circular economy transition. The report also includes a case study focusing on how India can position itself in the ongoing EU-India RTAs to maximize circular benefits. The study is expected to be published by the end of 2022. 


Firoz Lalji Institute - London School of Economics  

Developing a research paper analyzing the role the WTO has played in Africa's development, and how the WTO can do more. This piece will be published as part of the African Trade Policy Review 2023. 

Book Chapter "How Africa Trades" Available here. 

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK

Exploring implications of core environmental standards for the UK

Developing options for core environmental standards for pesticides nitrogen management applicable to UK imported agri-food products.

Click here to download the think piece. The full technical report is expected to be published in the fall of 2022. 

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Caribbean Export Development Agency

 Haiti and the Dominican Republic

 Teaching a 3-day workshop about trade negotiations to government officials from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 


International Trade Centre

Government of Bhutan 

Teaching 5-day workshop for Bhutanese government officials on dispute settlement at the WTO, covering the GATT, GATS, TBT, SPS, SCM and TRIPS Agreements.  


Trade Show d'hébergement

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Analyzing  the draft text of the ongoing negotiations on investment facilitation at the WTO with existing legal obligations. 

Click here to download the paper.


Dutch mission in Geneva

Reforming WTO’s dispute settlement 

Advising the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in Geneva on ways in which the WTO dispute settlement system can be reformed in order to overcome this deadlock.

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Dutch mission in Geneva

Building momentum for the Joint-Statement Initiatives

Advising the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in Geneva on how to build momentum to support ongoing negotiations at the WTO on e-commerce, investment facilitation, etc. 


International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Project for Mauritius:

 Analyzing the impact of WTO e-commerce negotiations on Mauritius laws and regulations (confidential output).

Trade Show d'hébergement

The Proposed Multilateral Framework on Investment Facilitation: An analysis of its relationship to international trade and investment agreements

IISD, 2021

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