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Regional integration is critical to reap the benefits of trade. TULIP advises governments and regional bodies on how to enhance regional integration and address the challenges that come with it. Specifically, TULIP’s work in this area focuses on issues related to negotiations, design and implementation of various free trade agreements. Geographically, TULIP’s work in this area focuses on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).  

African Continental Free Trade Area

Operationalizing regional trade agreements

Policy coherence

Best practices


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Africa Climate Foundation/London School of Economics 

Analyzing how African countries can leverage the WTO to adequately respond to Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms. 

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The World Bank

 Deep Trade Agreements 

Working on the Deep Trade Agreements database, including updating the database by coding 25 new regional trade agreements, and providing country-specific analysis based on the database identifying how a country performs with respect to trade liberalization parameters relevant to other countries

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Europe Jacques Delors 

Writing various policy papers analyzing how the EU can better link sustainability objectives with its trade policy and within regional trade agreements. 

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Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA

Project on circular innovation and ecodesign in the textiles sector

Conducting a study on the circular economy transition in the textiles sector, with a particular focus on taking onboard the needs of developing countries. 

Click here to download the study. 

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World Economic Forum

Project for Ghana:

Advising how Ghana can leverage international trade agreements to advance its plastic waste management management objectives. 

Click here to download the paper

Click here to download a summary blog post 

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Caribbean Export Development Agency

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Teaching a 3-day workshop about trade negotiations to government officials from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 


International Trade Centre

Non-tariff barriers in Africa 

 Challenging NTBs under the African Continental Free Trade Area.

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The Commonwealth Secretariat

Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

Project focused on digital trade, vulnerability, and the ocean's economy for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.



"Keys to success for the AfCFTA Negotiations"


The Brookings Institute

May 2019


"Greening the AfCFTA: It's not too late"

The Brookings Institute

 August 2021

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