To maximize the benefits of trade, developing countries must be proactive and strategic. Moreover, governments must ensure coherency between trade and industrial policies. TULIP’s activities at the intersection of trade and industrial policy focus on the following areas:

Developing a methodology to tailor industrial policy to the 21st century

Strategically aligning trade and industrial policies

Greening industrial policies in developing countries 

Developing Sustainable special economic zones



International Trade Centre

Developing Sri Lanka’s e-Commerce negotiating strategy

Analyzing ways in which Sri Lanka can strategically negotiate trade agreements to building a digital enabling environment. 

Système d'irrigation

United Nations Environment Programme

Green Industrial policy workshop for Guyana 

Developed and delivered a 3-day course on Green Industrial Policy and Trade for government officials in Guyana. 

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Green Ivy from the Roof

United Nations Environment Programme

Teaching module on trade and industrial policy 

TULIP developed and taught teaching a training module on trade and green industrial policy for government officials in developing countries. 

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