Sustainable trade policies must anticipate and address environmental impact. In this context, TULIP focuses on how to design international legal frameworks that encourage sustainable trade while minimizing negative environmental externalities. Specifically, TULIP approaches trade and the environment from a number of different angles:

Biodiversity and trade 

Circular economy and developing countries 

“Greening” regional trade agreements

Sustainable trade preferences

natural resource management 

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World Economic Forum

Project for Ghana:

Advising how Ghana can leverage international trade agreements to advance its plastic waste management management objectives. 

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United Nations Environment Progamme (UNEP)

Project on trade and biodiversity 

Analyzing how free trade agreements (FTAs) can be leveraged to address and mitigate biodiversity loss associated with agricultural expansion. 

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Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM)

International Agreement on Sustainable Resource Management 

Researching and writing a policy brief analyzing the opportunity and challenges for developing an international agreement on sustainable resource management. 

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International Trade Centre

Trade, gender, and the circular economy in Africa

Researching and writing a policy brief analyzing how the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) can be leveraged to create opportunity in the circular economy for women-owed businesses. 

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Permanent mission of the Netherlands to the WTO

Circular economy, trade and developing countries

Analyzing opportunities and challenges for developing countries in the area of trade and the circular economy. 

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Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Trade Agreements and the environment 

Analyzing the potential for technical barriers to trade and regulatory cooperation chapters in free trade agreement to advance environmental objectives. 

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United Nations Environment Programme

Green Industrial policy workshop for Guyana 

 A 3-day course on Green Industrial Policy and Trade for government officials in Guyana. 

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Green Ivy from the Roof

United Nations Environment Programme

Teaching module on trade and industrial policy 

A training module on trade and green industrial policy for government officials in developing countries. 

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"Greening the AfCFTA: It's not too late"

The Brookings Institute

 August 2021

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"Trade and the Circular Economy: A Deep Dive into Plastic Action in Ghana"

Global Partnership for Plastic Action, August 2021