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TULIP addresses a range of issues in frequently inter-related subject areas, relying on innovative analytical and methodological approaches. Specifically, TULIP advances its mission through three types of activities:

Government advising

TULIP provides tailor-made, high quality consulting services in areas relevant to trade law, policy and sustainable development. Specifically, TULIP has expertise in the following areas:

  • Trade Negotiations

  • Trade Implementation

  • Trade Policy Drafting and Design

  • Regulatory Assessments

  • Impact Assessments


Research & analysis

TULIP provides ideologically-neutral research and analysis on trends and emerging issues at the intersection of trade and sustainable development. Through its research, TULIP aims to bring new ideas and perspectives to ongoing trade policy discussions. It also contextualizes specific trade issues by analyzing geopolitical trends and structural developments relevant to trade and development.

Teaching & Training

TULIP organizes technical training and workshops on a large variety of issues at the intersection of trade law, policy and sustainable development. Specifically, TULIP engages in two types of training activities:

  • Technical assistance
    TULIP provides in-country training sessions to government officials on a variety of trade-related topics. TULIP’s approach to training is unique: it focuses heavily on explaining not only existing legal frameworks, but the implications of different types of frameworks and concepts to the characteristics of the country at issue.

  • Workshops
    TULIP organizes inclusive workshops in Geneva to discuss emerging issues in the field of trade and sustainable development with a variety of stakeholders.

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