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Teaching a dispute-settlementworkshop in Bhutan

TULIP was proud to offer a training on dispute-settlement in Phuentsholing, a town in Southern Bhutan at the border between India and Bhutan, as part of a project organized by the International Trade Centre. The participants included government officials working in trade and customs or in areas relevant to trade, academics, and members from the private sector.

The 4-day workshop focused on dispute resolution under  various international fora, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), and Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs). 

While Bhutan is currently not a Member of the WTO, it is in the process of considering to re-active its WTO accession process – which it abandoned in 2007. Should Bhutan decide to re-active this process, it is critical that Bhutanese officials develop a good understanding of the rights and obligations they WTO accession provides.  Bhutan, an isolated, landlocked least-developed country trading predominantly with India, must carefully balance opportunities and challenges associated with WTO accession.


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