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TULIP welcomes Environmental Law Professor Emily Lydgate to its Advisory Board

TULIP Consulting is thrilled to announce that De. Emily Lydgate has joined its Advisory Board. Dr. Lydgate is an Associate Professor in Environmental Law at Sussex University, and Deputy Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory, a partnership between University of Sussex and Chatham House. Her research focuses at the intersection of environmental regulation and economic integration, and the interrelation between trade, agricultural and climate policies in the EU and UK. She is a Specialist Advisor to the EFRA Committee (UK House of Commons) and has provided expert testimony for a number of UK Parliamentary Committees on implications of exit from the EU. Please click here to read Dr. Lydgate’s full biography.

Dr. Lydgate’s vast expertise in environmental law and sustainable trade policy, coupled with her cutting-edge academic work, will be invaluable for TULIP. Indeed, reflecting a changing world, TULIP’s work in the areas of trade and the environment has grown substantially over the past two years, with projects focused on trade, the circular economy, and development (GIZ, SITRA, WEF, Government of the Netherlands, UNEP); projects focused on trade and sustainable agriculture (WWF, UNEP); projects focused on green industrial policy (UNEP, ITC, Sri Lanka, Philippines) and projects focused on sustainable resource management (OVAM).

As TULIP seeks to further strengthen its trade and environment practice, it is privileged to be able to count on the support and advise of Dr. Lydgate.


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